On the water or along the shoreline we know what it takes to create a stunning entrance to your lakeside dream house or your humble river cottage. Customized piers, docks, boathouses, boat lifts, personal watercraft landings, decks, boardwalks gazebos, and more.


Big or small, for your children or something for the kid in all of us. We provide turn-key construction with custom planning, visionary design and detailed construction with a wide variety of finishing touches.


Not particularly excited with the cookie cutter options the big builders are offering? Weary of the building practices that offer a fully completed house in 90 days? Let us help you with customized ideas tailored to your wants and dreams instead of something that will be lucky to last as long as the mortgage.


Have a well-built older home that just needs a little updating to provide you and your family with many more years of comfortable living? Let us assist you in giving your home the fresh new look you’ve been dreaming of.


How about a space that just needs minor improvements to keep it a productive area of your home? Instead of adding new space, let us modify your existing space to better fit where you are in life right now.


Do you just need an occasional retreat from the stress and chaos of everyday life? Let’s work together to create a space just for you to recharge and find the peaceful downtime we all need and deserve.