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Tree Houses

Why does building a tree house make me jump out of bed in the morning? Because people are absolutely enchanted by tree houses. Just ask yourself this question, have you ever known anyone who doesn't fondly remember their childhood days long ago, hanging out in a tree house that they built from scraps they had on hand? A piece of plywood here, an old pallet there, and of course that stack of 2x4's left over from dad expanding the tool shed to fit the new lawn mower. That's right, they scrounged around for scraps all summer, then had the guts to go to that same tool shed and borrow their dad's hammer, hand saw, and a rope (everyone knows you need lots of rope for this), and proceeded to hoist everything into the backyard tree branches. Tacking it all together with a bunch of old rusty nails they found in a paint can. Seriously, is there anyone out there who wouldn't do it all again, if given the right opportunity, only this time make it the best tree house ever? The answer is "NO"...believe me, I've asked.

It must be a DNA thing...

I've thought about this a lot, and for some reason the concept of a tree house is ingrained in our DNA. Right down there in the fiber of our being. It's in our souls. As adults, we don't just want a tree house... we need a tree house. We need it more than we need that red convertible, or that all-expense-paid cruise to the Bahamas. We need it to show ourselves and our children that life can still be something fantastic and exciting. My personal advice to you? Give your soul what it needs!

There must be a study somehere to back me up on this, but I believe that a tree house could be the soul restoring antidote for the daily grind. The elixir for what ails you. A meditative refuge for your mind. The fountain of youth.

Maybe thats a little over the top, but I guarantee that a new tree house will certainly bring back some great memories, and I can help you go back and relive those fearless, carefree childhood moments.

Call me today. Together we can do this... I'll bring everything we need.

Tree House Masters

The Dale Jr. Tree House was featured on an episode of Tree House Masters.

Watch Time Lapse Video of Dale Jr.'s tree house project.

Dale Jr.'s

Dale Jr.'s Tree House

Under Construction

Tree House #2

One for the Kids

Tree House #3

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